Congratulations, you are now a Golden State Investor! Your initial payment has successfully been processed and now we will reach out to you within 1 business day to setup a Land Contract.

Once you sign the contract you will officially have legal rights to the property. At the end of the term, when all payments of the contract are fulfilled, we will transfer title into your name.

If you have questions we will be happy to answer them for you. We’ve listed the most common questions below but you can also reach out to us personally.

What can I do with the property once I sign the contract?

As soon as you sign the contract you will have legal rights to use the property however you wish, as long as it is in accordance with zoning laws and local regulations.

Can I pay off the contract/loan early?

Yes. There is no penalty or issues with paying off your contract early. Unlike banks, we charge no interest so it does not matter to us when you pay off the property.

What if I no longer want the land? Can I cancel the contract?

Yes. There are two ways off cancelling a contract if for whatever reason you no longer want the property. The first option is to contact us and we will apply what you have already paid to any property in our inventory. The other approach is to simply cancel the contract without applying prior payments to another property. This approach will eliminate your monthly payment obligation but you will not receive what you have paid into the property back. However, we will never send debt collectors to your doorstep or negatively affect your credit. We simply relist the property for sale!

Do I need to pay property taxes?

During the length of the contract we cover all property taxes. 🙂