About Us

Why is your name "Golden State Investors"?

Our business is located in California (“Golden State”) but we buy and sell land all over the United States. We are land investors that primarily sell to other land investors. In one sense, “Golden State Acquisitions” would be more precise name since we rarely hold on to property but we went with Golden State Investors because it sounds better.

How is it possible for you to offer land below market value?

We are, in the most precise sense, a land acquisition company. Since we own the properties we sell and close deals in-house we are able to:

  • Avoid thousands in third party expenses (no real estate agents, title agents, etc)
  • Buy property way below market value

We past along these savings to our customers! Our goal is to make YOU a customer for life by offering the absolute best and most transparent deals around.

What if I made a mistake purchasing from you?

We offer an unconditional 90-Day-Guarantee on every property we sell. That means if you are unhappy with your purchase, we will buy it back from you at the same price you paid for it.

Our Process

How do you determine market value in your listings?

On all of our listings we give an estimated range of how far below market value we are selling a property. The reason we give a range is because determining market value for land is not as precise as houses. But how do we determine the range?

Method #1: Recent Sold Comp Data

The Gold Standard for determine value of raw land is to find what people actually paid for properties of similar characteristics, within the last year, as close as possible to the property. We usually do not use this method unless there are sold comps within .25-.5 miles from the property being valued.

Method #2: Listed Comp Data

This is the approach we use if there isn’t sufficient sold comp data near a property we are selling. We look at properties of similar characteristics in the same area and average the listing price as market value.

How do you accept payment?

We take the following payments:

  • All major credit cards
  • ACH bank transfers
  • Cashier’s check
  • Wire transfer

How much does it cost to transfer ownership?

We offer complimentary closing on every deal. Taxes, transfer fees, documentation, shipping, etc. are all included when we close deals in-house.

How long does it take to transfer ownership?

After you purchase a property from us we draft a deed in your name and have it notarized within 10 days. Once the deed is notarized, you officially have legal title to the property.

Recording the deed takes longer. It usually takes between 10-20 weeks for properties to be recorded. Once the deed is recorded we send you the original or certified copy free of charge.

How are your properties different than those on the MLS?

We don’t list on the MLS for several reasons. One of them being that we generally avoid working with agents. We work directly with owners and investors/builders. Our goal is sell you property quickly and at a discount to you. Having an agent not only slows down the process, but it also takes away from your savings.

Do you offer seller financing?

Yes! We offer seller financing via land contracts on all of our properties at market value. To setup a Land Contract, contact us at 916-407-3652.