Concierge Closing

Buying land should be effortless, and with Concierge Closing — it will be. 

You’re the customer, and you should be treated like it. So take advantage of features such as Complimentary Closing and the VIP Tax Break. This will be the easiest real estate investment you’ve ever made.

Complimentary Closing

Most companies charge a hefty filing fee for closing documents, but with Concierge Closing you’ll never have to worry about charges piling up. What you see is what you pay! We will take care of the creation, notarization, and filing of the Deed and associated documents in your name. As soon as we have confirmed that the Deed has been filed, we will send you a customized Property Portfolio containing your documents.

Property Portfolio

After we have taken care of filing the proper documents in your name and the county returns your Deed, we will send you a Property Portfolio in the mail. It will contain a certified copy of your Deed, as well as important information regarding the property in an organized format (e.g. square footage, zoning, etc.) It’s just another way that we take the worry and stress of real estate investing off of your plate.

VIP Tax Break

When you finance a property with us on contract, you don’t have to worry about incurring property tax bills! During the entire length of the contract, property taxes are on us. No surprises, no fees. When the final payment is made, we will file the Deed with the county and the county will mail you directly in regards to taxes after that.