Barton Waldon, Managing Partner

Bart Waldon is the Managing Partner of Golden State Investors. He’s always been an entrepreneur and loves the freedom that land gives you. As the lifeblood of Golden State Investors, he sets the example – always striving to be and do better for the investors we work with.

As the proud husband of his partner, Dallas Waldon, Bart says, “It gives me a sense of patriotism and the American Dream – buying and selling land across America with my beautiful wife. I am happy to be a part of it all.”


A little known fact about Bart: He knows a good thing when he sees it. He married Dallas a month after she turned 18.


Dallas Waldon, The Closer

As “The Closer” for Golden State Investors, Dallas Waldon does the dirty work. Getting the titles transferred and making financing properties possible, she takes pleasure in making your investment as easy as possible.

It’s not all paperwork for Dallas though. When she’s not working, Dallas enjoys traveling with Bart as well as spending time with their families and adorable dog, Cali.


A little known fact about Dallas: She has a serious coffee obsession, with more “special” coffee mugs than can fit in a dishwasher.


Melanie Quia, Marketing Director

Melanie Quia is the Marketing/Sales Director for Golden State Investors. You’ll often find her at the mall with her husband and six beautiful kids or many friends! She has a heart of gold and is known for her sweet smile and fantastic work ethic. She’s always up for a good challenge and is a constant encouragement to those around her.

If you have any questions about a listing, she is here to help you find your perfect property.

A little known fact about Melanie: She’s been known to pull all-nighters because she has such a passion for her work!

Cali, Cuddle Coordinator

Cali is our Golden State Girl. She was rescued as a puppy and has been an integral part of the company since its founding (in that she reduces stress 100 fold). She goes on all adventures with us and LOVES visiting new properties! Unfortunately, she is very difficult to contact and not very good at answering questions. It’s probably best to reach out to one of our other agents.

A little known fact about Cali: She is a master at opening doors, and will do absolutely anything for a round of tug a war.